Make Cross-Chain Deposit
to any Web3 Apps

With almost zero fee & slippage.

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Web3 apps are restricted to the chain they deployed

The smart contract of a web3 app needs to be deployed on a specific chain. Only wallets and assets on the same chain can interact with this contract.

Users and assets from other chains cannot access this web3 app. This greatly limits the app to acquire a large number of users or increase its TVL.

SOLUTION helps apps reach users & assets across all chains

By integrating, the cross-chain transfer SDK, web3 apps can attract users and assets from any chain to achieve rapid growth.

Powered by meson protocol, users can enjoy minute-fast cross-chain with almost zero fee & slippage across all major blockchains and layer-2’s.


Try with a Demo

1. Click the Deposit with meson button
2. Complete cross-chain transfer in the pop up window

You could use stablecoins possessed on any chain supported by meson, and your tokens will be directly transferred to example app's contract on Polygon. All this demo does is to transfer received funds to Polygon, which means you will finally receive your cross-chain funds in your sender address on Polygon.

All major chains
Low Cost
Almost zero fee
Try with Demo

How does work?

powered by meson

Meson: Fast, safe & costless cross-chain for stablecoins

Dashboard for Amply app.
powered by meson

Meson: Fast, safe & costless cross-chain for stablecoins

Faster speed: 99% cross-chain swaps completed in 2 minutes.
Universal Bridging : Cross-chain any supported stablecoins to any of 20+ blockchains.
Security First : Fully decentralized. Secured & Audited by Trial of Bits.
Unbeatable Fees : Always the the lowest fee

How to Integrate

1. Go to GitHub repo, follow the instruction
2. Provide your app/contract info here;

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